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The Ezra H. Baker Innovation School in West Dennis.
Dennis-Yarmouth Regional Schools
The state plans to reimburse school districts at a rate of more than $18,000 per student.
The Point
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  • Scott Detrow speaks with Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon about the enduring popularity of the fighting game franchise.
  • Three weeks after a storm and floods devastated the Libyan city of Derna residents and aid groups still struggle to address the needs for survivors and the loss of thousands of lives.
  • For decades, New York City has piled its trash in heaps of bags on city sidewalks. Now, the city is rolling out trash bins and requiring businesses to start using them.
How were you shaped by the place where you grew up? What makes you choose to live somewhere? In our new episode of Falmouth to Falmouth, we explore the journey of life in our coastal communities through three vibrant discussions touching on childhood, middle years, and growing older.
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