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Kit Noble
The International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) is suing the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a Quincy-based group that guides national standards for firefighters’ protective gear, alleging that the NFPA is colluding with gear manufacturers and profiting from the standards that effectively require PFAS to be included in firefighters’ protective suits.
  • Round the Bend Farm is spread over 115 acres in Dartmouth on Buzzards Bay. And it is a working farm but it’s also an educational non-profit.
  • For several years we’ve had a vacancy in a small, detached apartment on our property. Occasionally, an unwanted squatter would move in and cause trouble, but lately it’s been available. We’ve been looking for a very specific type to move in – relatively quiet during the day, maybe works nights, comfortable with small spaces – at less than one square foot, this apartment isn’t right for just any family. Finally, last week, we got the tenant we were looking for – an Eastern Screech Owl.
  • We drive down Hummock Pond Road, where a concrete Jersey barrier marks the end of the asphalt and the beginning of the sea. It’s a shorter drive from town than all the way out to Madaket, and besides, there isn’t really a parking lot at Madaket Beach anymore, the erosion has taken big bites out of the pavement.
  • Broad Reach Healthcare CEO Bill Bogdanovich has been named chair of Housing Assistance Corporation's board of directors. The region’s leading provider of affordable housing helps secure homes for more than 6,000 families on the Cape and Islands.
  • The first sighting of the season has been recorded of a mother and calf right whale in Cape Cod Bay. It's something whale experts wait for as a sign the species might yet survive.
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